TREC Nears Completion, Issues a Word on Final Report

The Taskforce for Re-Imagining the Episcopal Church (TREC), which includes our own Canon for Mission Resources/CFO The Rev. Canon Kevin Nichols, has issued 'A Word To The Episcopal Church' concerning the release of the final report.

"The members of TREC commend our report to the whole church, and specifically to the 78th General Convention. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve the church in this way. While we have consulted widely, listened deeply, and debated vigorously over the past two years, we also understand that our proposals are a first step in the ongoing process of re-imagining the church. The conversation that takes place at many levels of the church between now and the 78th General Convention will inevitably challenge, enhance, supplement, and change our proposals. We trust the Holy Spirit will be present in this ongoing process, and will help us all to follow Jesus most faithfully in our own day.We recognize that our call to action for the Church to engage in a deep discernment process around the reimagination of dioceses, clergy preparation, the use of our sacred buildings, and other issues is broad and in some cases general.  We hope that the resolutions we proposed will be a jumping off point for this discernment process, which we hope will engage Episcopalians both within the General Convention context and far beyond."

TREC members added, "We will be sharing our specific proposed changes to the constitution and canons with experts in canon law in the coming weeks and months to help ensure internal and technical consistency. We felt it was important to share our report with the whole church now, even though some of the more highly technical aspects might need further perfecting between now and next year's General Convention."

For more information, questions or comments, contact TREC members at


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