Announcement to the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire

February 8, 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Holy Spirit is often a disruptive force in our lives.  Today we are greeted with the announcement of the inclusion of the Rev. Canon Kevin Nichols on the slate of nominees for Bishop in the Diocese of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Below please read Kevin's message to us.

As Kevin is fond of saying, "this is a moment."  Indeed. It is a moment that calls for our prayers and support of Kevin, Patti, and their family, as well as for the Diocese of Bethlehem as they seek to listen and follow the Spirit's bidding.  May God supply them, and all of us, with the grace to meet the months ahead with the openness and courage to follow Jesus, in the knowledge that Jesus accompanies and guides us into peace and freedom.

Faithfully Yours in Christ,


A Message from the Rev. Canon Kevin D. Nichols

Dear Fellow Servants of the Church of New Hampshire,

This morning the Diocese of Bethlehem, PA announced their slate of candidates for their 9th Bishop. I am humbled and honored to find my name on that list. The Electing Convention will be April 28, 2018. For more information about the Diocese of Bethlehem Bishop search click here

A respected colleague who knows my strengths and hopes for the Wider Church stated to me this past August - "if you have any sense of call to be a Bishop - you need to consider the Diocese of Bethlehem."  I responded that I love my work as Canon for Mission Resources in the Church of New Hampshire.  Yet, throughout my life - just when I have become comfortable and sure of God's plan - I have been thrust into new moments of mission and ministry.  I then read their Profile.  The invitation be a part of "building something that we cannot see or know" brought me immediate curiosity and excitement.  What followed was more reading, reflection, prayer and checking in with Bishop Rob and others whom I trust and respect.  An emerging sense of call to this process grew deeper and more profound.

Perhaps God is calling me to use my gifts to serve the Church as the next Bishop of Bethlehem. I would be equally honored if I am called to continue to serve as COO / Canon for Mission Resources here in the Church of NH.  Whatever the outcome, the process has been a spiritual journey of great learning and growth.

I invite you to join me in praying for the Diocese of Bethlehem and all of the candidates who have offered themselves during this time of discernment.

In God's Love,