Guest Blog: DID YOU KNOW? IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT UTO, by Anne Hall, new NH UTO Coordinator

Did you know? Since 1975, United Thank Offering (UTO) has granted nearly $500,000 to the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire, including a grant this year for $24,000 to assist in establishing an "Eco-Curacy" at Church of the Woods. 

Did you know? There are roughly 2 million Episcopalians in the United States. If every American Episcopalian put one penny in a UTO Blue Box every day, there would be more than $7 million to grant each year. It adds up fast if we all contribute, and we all have something each day we can give thanks for.

Did you know? Julie Chester Emery gave 40 years of her life in leadership and dedication to promoting the spiritual discipline of gratitude and for tirelessly supporting innovative mission and ministry. This September, Julia would have celebrated her 165th birthday. You are invited to spend September focused on the importance of gratitude and grit, as exemplified in the life of Julia Chester Emery. 

Did you know? The new diocesan UTO coordinator is Anne Hall. Please send the contact information for your parish UTO coordinator to her at

Did you know? The diocesan UTO in-gathering is during Eucharist at convention - 100% of this offering will be brought to the national in-gathering at General Convention in 2018. 100% of that offering will be given back to new and innovative ministries in local dioceses throughout the country. Gratitude is an important spiritual discipline, and, as we see so much suffering throughout the world, we are made even more aware of our many blessings. Please encourage your parish to give generously to UTO this year. 

For the Presiding Bishop's message about the importance of UTO, and inviting you to celebrate Julie Chester Emery's birthday, please click HERE. The UTO website has lots of additional resources for celebrating with UTO.