Epiphany, Newport--New Spirit in Song

Epiphany Episcopal Church in Newport, NH, is undergoing a transformation, of spirit and space. The interior of the church is being renovated and they are launching a new youth choir program starting with a summer camp and expanding to a year-round after-school program.

Services are being rescheduled form Sunday mornings to Saturdays at 5 p.m., and will be a showcase of the new UpBeat Youth Choir.

The re-design of the church’s interior came from Richard Giles, former Dean of Philadelphia Cathedral and author of Re-Pitching the Tent: Re-ordering the Church Building for Worship and Mission in the New Millennium. The altar is being made by local craftsman Richard Harbour in Hillsboro to coordinate with the existing lectern and Baptismal font. New seating and a refinished floor will complete the interior transformation.

“We are also overhauling our worship,” explains the Reverend Kelly Sundberg Seaman, the church’s main pastor and priest. "The shape of Holy Communion will be faithful to the church’s ancient tradition, but the service will be more brief, with lots of vibrant singing.”

Kelly continued: “We are sponsoring UpBeat Choir Camp from August 14-18. All Newport kids can attend for five days at a total cost of $15. UpBeat Choir will continue to meet on Fridays after school and will sing during worship on Saturdays at 5 p.m.

The renewal at Epiphany is being funded by the church’s own money, by generous grants from the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire and its Our Kids Commission, and by a gift from St. Andrew’s Church in New London.

Whether you’re a committed Episcopalian or just curious, church members emphasize that you will be welcome at its joyful rebirth on Saturday, August 19, at 5 p.m.