GUEST BLOG: Full-Day Kindergarten Helps Close the Opportunity Gap

Funding for full-day kindergarten has been a hot topic in Concord this year and with good reason. Full-day kindergarten is not only important for childhood development, but it allows parents to get to work and supports our economy.

Full-day kindergarten funding is not in the State budget being debated this week in the legislature but it is on the table as a separate bill, SB 191, which comes up for a vote in the House tomorrow.

Do you agree with me that New Hampshire should work to close the opportunity gap for our kids?

New Hampshire lags behind the rest of the country in access to full-day kindergarten, communities that offer full-day kindergarten only receive half of the state funding for kindergarten children that they receive for older kids. Increasing the state contribution toward full-day kindergarten will encourage communities that don't currently offer full-day kindergarten to make that investment.

Now's the time. Call your representative today and ask them to vote "ought to pass" tomorrow on SB 191 in support of full-day kindergarten.

Click here to find your representative and talking points to help you with your calls. 

Guest Blog from Amanda Sears, Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy