Bishop Hirschfeld's Testimony on SB 224, Conversion Therapy

On February 7, the Senate Health and Human Services Committee heard testimony on SB 224, "Relative to Conversion Therapy Seeking to Change A Person's Sexual Orientation."  You can read the bill's language HERE.

Bishop Hirschfeld submitted the following written testimony:

Dear Chairman Senator Bradley, Vice Chairman Senator Avard, Members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, thank you for the opportunity to enter my testimony into the record.

Christians have long abandoned the medieval and repulsive practice of baptizing individuals at the edge of a sword.  Such “conversions” to compel others to conformity are acts of spiritual and emotional violence.

Similarly, the practice of “converting” someone to change their sexual orientation flies in the face of the overwhelming experience and research of credited members of the psychiatric, psychological, and medical communities.  Those who find homosexuality a deviation from their own religious convictions should not be allowed to foist their convictions on the vulnerable under the protection of State statute. 

Such conversions are not conversions at all, but coercions.  Because they do not honor the dignity of every human being as a beloved child of God, such attempts to re-fashion an individual into the image of those inflicting the “conversion" do far more damage to a person’s soul than not. 

Please vote in favor of SB 224.