Bishop Hirchfeld's Statement on Sutherland Springs, TX Church Shooting

Yesterday, was All Saints’ Sunday when we read from the Book of Revelation. We heard of those who have been come through the “great ordeal” having suffered martyrdom and washed in the blood of Jesus. We need to look no further than Sutherland Springs, Texas, to know just what the “great ordeal” might look like. Churches and all houses of worship, just like hospitals and schools, are places where people gather for mutual support, care, and love. Throughout the world, and throughout history, religious communities have been vulnerable to violence because we put our trust in a loving and life-giving God. Our Church will be undeterred in trusting in God during this agonizing time. May the souls of the victims of this tragedy rise in glory.

The Rt. Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld, Bishop of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire