GUEST BLOG: Call for Artists to Support Prison Art Programs in the Church

Calling all Artists!  Prison Art Program – Diocesan Convention Art Sale Fundraiser

By Betsy Hess

The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire, in collaboration with the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire, sponsors art classes at each of the four prisons in New Hampshire.  Through the support of the Diocesan Outreach committee, one set of classes (8 hours of instruction) is covered for the four sites.

Last year we were able to add another set of classes at each prison by raising our own funds, and we hope to do that again Each set of classes costs $500.  This covers instruction, and the other costs are picked up by the facilities.  This year at Diocesan Convention, we are selling original art as a fundraiser.  

We ask those of you who are artists in the Diocese to consider donating a piece of art that we can sell at Diocesan Convention.  The proceeds will go to fund the extra class sets.  We want to keep the prices reasonable, and the process simple, so that as many who attend Convention as possible have the opportunity to share in supporting this great program.  Because of this, we plan to sell original art for $40 and prints for $10. 

Please let me know if you would like to donate art and I will post you the particulars. 

The inmates who participated in classes last year and this have created beautiful work.  As we all know, art lifts us – and this is true of the inmates as well.

The act of creating is a soul journey.  We are grateful that our church in New Hampshire is able to support this work.  We hope you will join in this soul journey with the prisoners, by allowing the blessing of your creativity to enable theirs.

Betsy Hess, Prison Art Program Art Sale Coordinator   (603) 466-5718