From Bishop Hirschfeld--on Nice and the Passing of Bishop Browning

July 15, 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

"Donne-nous le courage de ne pas céder à la peur, et la déraison qu'elle inspire. Amen."

"Oh, God, give us the courage not to cede to fear and the madness it inspires. Amen."

In these dark days of violence, let this prayer from my friend, the Rt. Rev Pierre Whalon, Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Europe, hold us back from fear, lead us away from violence, inspire us with hope, and compel us to loving service. My prayers, and I beg yours, are with the lost, the dead, the injured and the grieving souls in Nice. May our loving Christ uphold them in peaceful repose.

And, let us also pray for the soul of the Rt. Rev. Edmond Lee Browning, the 24th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church who died on July 11, 2016 and who has risen in glory to be with the God he so well loved and served. Now, more than ever, let us honor him by heeding his call that "there are no outcasts in the church." 

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Yours in Christ, +Rob