Bishop Hirschfeld's Testimony on Medicaid Expansion in NH

Bishop Hirschfeld sent testimony to the Senate Finance Committee Hearing today re: House Bill 1696, on reauthorization of the New Hampshire Health Protection Program (Medicaid Expansion).

Read his testimony here:

Speaking from our tradition, we can’t help but note how the Bible shows that Jesus is constantly giving the poor and sick access to healing.

In Mark’s Gospel, there’s an amazing scene of a paralyzed man who can’t reach Jesus except by the help of friends who cut a hole in the roof of a crowded house and lower him down. That’s access.

Jesus says it’s the power of the community to make healing available to someone who previously faced obstacles, and that access is the reason for this man being healed.

The Episcopal Church of New Hampshire believes the bill before you would find scriptural precedent in assuring New Hampshire residents the access to healing and care intended for all humanity.