#DontGiveUp - Lenten Reflections with All Our Children

Lent is a somber and reflective time - for some it's seen as a time to "give something up".  Whether it's a bad habit, a certain type of junk food, or something that's taking up a chunk of time you'd rather be spending in prayer or relationship with God. But sometimes it's overlooked that Lent can also be a season for hope. 

This year, if you're looking for a bit of light in the dark season, join All Our Children for a new kind of Lenten reflection, #DontGiveUp!

Each week of Lent (starting on the first Sunday, February 14) All Our Children will share a theme word and image for the week. We'll follow upeach day on social media with a new quote, reflection, or piece of scripture to go along with that week's theme.  You can chime in, too, by sharing pictures, images, quotes, and scriptures through social media that follow on our theme! 

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