EPPN Lenten Series: Engaging the Beloved Community

This year, the Episcopal Public Policy Network's Lenten Series focuses on "Engaging the Beloved Community." Today's Ash Wednesday reflection written by Lacy Broemel, Manager for Communications and Operations for The Episcopal Church Office of Government Relations, is the first installment of the series. Each week of Lent the EPPN will feature video, written reflections, or voice recordings from Episcopalians engaged in the work of racial justice and reconciliation.

In a recent video discussing racism and reconciliation, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry said, "We who follow Jesus are in the business of seeking to transform things from the way they are into something closer to the way God dreams them to be." During this Lenten season, you are invited to walk in the ways of justice, peace, and reconciliation and explore what it means for The Episcopal Church to transform our world into the Beloved Community.

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