Unpacking the Election--A Webinar with Local Episcopal Bishops

In the days following a historic election, this webcast will provide a forum with Bishops Rob Hirschfeld, Doug Fisher and Nicholas Knisely to discuss the following:

  • what do the results mean
  • how can we heal the hurt/s that the election may have caused
  • what resources are available to bring us together.

The webcast is from 7:30 - 8:30 on Tuesday, November 15th.  

James McKim, Province 1 Representative to the Episcopal Church Executive Council's AntiRacism Committee and Chair of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire's Diversity Committee and The Rev. Karen Brown Montagno, Diocese of MA Director of Congregational Resources and Training, will facilitate the conversation.

HERE to register.

HERE to read Bishop Hirschfeld's Post-Election Message.