GUEST BLOG: The Life of a Junior Warden

The 2015 Junior Warden’s Annual Report, by Janice Tanzi, Christ Church, North Conway --dedicated to Junior Wardens everywhere:

2015 Recap (A day in the life)

Ice melt and snow shovels, the winter was tough,

We prayed for the sun, because, we’d had enough!

And hence came the sun, oh boy it was great!

Spring cleanup is here, quick, hand me a rake!

Extinguishers, permits and keys, Oh my!! 

Can you get me a quote?, oh yes, I’ll try!

They tore down the fence, the road was a mess,

But a new ramp at no cost?... that was the best!!

We changed out some bulbs, we set up some traps,

We fixed up the arch, when it sprouted a crack.

We purchased some fuel for the mower, and stabilizer too,

And we passed inspection, when the elevator was due!!

Oh wait, in the hallway, the AED battery is dead,

Don’t go to Lowes, but Home Depot, instead! (Editor's note: Janice works at Home Depot)

The handrail is loose, it’s just not compliant,

Who can fix this, who won’t be so defiant?

The sacristy door got a new lock and key,

And we emptied and sorted out our old rectory.

The windows outside needed to be installed,

But I think it was the wrong Steve, to help, that I called!

The boiler room was blocked with all extra chairs,

Paul to the rescue, a new corral over there….

The stage needs to go, I’m afraid, that’s how it goes,

Oh and the door to the thrift shop won’t lock or close.

Bring in the benches, let’s set up the ice melt,

Reprogram the thermostat, let’s tighten our belt.

Now we need a campaign, to raise up our cross,

And we need some new funds, for the rectory toss!

As is sit here and ponder, as my first term comes to an end….

How can I say no… when there’s still so much to mend!!