Province I Diversity Training, November 17

Headlines and statistics reveal a truth -- harmony between people of different races, creeds, and genders is strained. Progress toward equality is slowed by our general lack of knowledge about one another. History shows that many factors have given rise the situation of our present reality where fair access to education, jobs, housing, and personal security is not as attainable to those not of non-European decent as to the white/male “establishment.” This causes us all to suffer.

On November 17 at 7:30 pm, NH’s own James McKim, chairman of our Diversity Committee and Province I Representative to the Executive Council's AntiRacism Task Force, will lead a conversation via webinar about these factors and how might we not only recognize them but also change them.

This web conference is part of a monthly series hosted by the Province I Cultural Competency and Multicultural Awareness Task Force. The series is designed to raise awareness, provide resources, and offer hopeful approaches for talking across difference and celebrating diversity. Visit the  Province I web site ( for more information. HERE to register.