GUEST BLOG: St. Matthews Chapel sponsors Students in Kenya

Guest Blog: St. Matthews Chapel sponsors Meisori School students

Four years ago, The Rev. Deacon Paul Higginson, guest speaker at St. Matthew's, Goffstown, mentioned in his sermon about his visit to Kenya and The Meisori School where $400 pays for a student for an entire year.

Following the service a visitor, Gina Deal of Connecticut came forward with a check for $400 to sponsor a student. The Committee of St. Matthew's was so impressed they also voted to sponsor a child.

Every year since Ms. Deal and St. Matthew's have joined to sponsor two students in collaboration with All Saints' Church in Littleton mission of outreach at that school. The Rev. Higginson, and his wife Sheelagh, have visited the school personally, and each year we all receive letters from our students.

It gives us great joyfor this little chapel to be able to reach across the ocean and make a difference in the lives of these children.                                                                                                                                           -- Barbara Serafini, Commitee Chair