Clothing Ministry at St. Matthew's Reaches beyond Goffstown

The Community Clothing Center (CCC) at St. Matthew's in Goffstown continued its mission to offer gently used clothing at below thrift store prices, and they are reaching beyond the Goffstown area. 

"That brightly patterned blouse you donated may now be worn by a woman who recently emigrated from Sudan. The shoes that your son outgrew and were briefly on our shelves may currently be on the feet of a child from Vietnam. The CCC has been sharing some of our inventory with the parishoners of St. Anne and St. Augustin church in Manchester, many of whom are immigrants from South and Central America, Vietnam and Sudan. We also donated fabric and stuffing to a group of St Lawrence parishoners who make sleeping bags for homeless men that come to the New Horizons shelter," reports Amy Poisson of St. Matthew's, Goffstown.