Let's Inflate Hope! Patriots Fans in NE Challenged to Raise Funds for ERD

Bishop Greg Rickel, Diocese of Olympia and New England Bishops Rob Hirschfeld and Alan M. Gates, Diocese of Massachusetts, have laid down a Super Bowl Challenge, to each other and to their respective Dioceses.

The challenge is to see who can donate the most to Episcopal Relief & Development before the Super Bowl kickoff on February 1. It’s easy to show both your diocesan team spirit and your spirit of compassion by going to; http://my.episcopalrelief.org/superbowl2015. Click on "Team Patriots" at the bottom of the page.

All funds donated, regardless of team, will go to the Episcopal Relief & Development 75th Anniversary Fund, which supports ongoing programs and new initiatives in nearly 40 countries worldwide in areas of hunger relief, economic opportunity, healthcare, and disaster response.

Support the Pats AND the Episcopal Church of NH while helping those struggling with poverty. Donate early, donate often!